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Fresh Hand

I remember the time I was manhandled by a passenger while working an international flight. The plane was packed and every seat was taken. I was literally running up and down the aisle in coach serving beverages and other refreshments, and getting pillows and blankets. You know the drill. Well, maybe not nowadays. I was wearing my smock as usual during the service. It’s an apron made like a dress, sort of. I felt very warm from all the running around so I had taken off my slacks and was only wearing my top, bra and panties underneath. On one of my trips down the aisle I stopped for a moment to hand someone a beverage when suddenly I felt someone put their hand under my smock and travel with lightning speed all the way up my leg to my butt then back down and out. The pervert. It happened so fast I was flabbergasted! I immediately turned around to see who could’ve done such a brazen thing but everyone sitting on an aisle seat nearby -they were all men – looked preoccupied. The person who did the deed had to be sitting on an aisle seat. No one looked up at me when I swung around. No one was secretly smiling to himself. No one seemed smug. For the life of me, I could not figure out who had the nerve to put their hand under my clothes like that. I had a hunch who it might be, but that’s all. Something like that had never happened to me before and it hasn’t happened since. Needless to say, I put my slacks back on to finish working the flight. Not that the incident stopped me from removing my slacks again from under my smock on future flights. To this day, I’d still like to find out who did the deed. Has this or something like it ever happen to anyone else?

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  • Grande alberino! Ringraziamenti per richiedere tempo scrivere qualcosa che sia realmente degno lettura. Trovo troppo spesso l’Info inutile e non qualcosa che sia realmente relativo. Ringraziamenti per i vostri duri lavori.

  • Bonnie:

    Grazie, Pink. E ‘bello sentire che ti piace il nostro lavoro!

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