Flight Attendant Stories


Question: What is the primary purpose of a flight attendant on an aircraft?
Answer: The primary purpose of a flight attendant is to ensure that security and safety regulations are followed on the aircraft.
Question: What do flight attendants do before the passengers board an aircraft?
Answer: At least 1 hour before takeoff, flight attendants are briefed on such things as emergency evacuation procedures, the coordination of the crew, the length of the flight, expected weather conditions, and any special issues having to do with passengers. Flight attendants check to make sure the first-aid kits and other emergency equipment are onboard the aircraft and in their proper place in good working order. They also check to see that the passenger cabin is in order and there are adequate supplies of refreshments and other amenities.
Question: Are flight attendants required to undergo training and receive certification before they are allowed to start work?
Answer: Yes. The Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) requires all flight attendants to be certified for the type of aircraft they are working regardless of what airline they work for. This requires candidates to undergo formal training to learn specific subjects. Candidates receive the FAA Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency upon successful completion of training.
Question: How much training does a candidate receive before they can become certified as a flight attendant?
Answer: Candidates become trainees and must undergo a period of formal training ranging from 3 to 6 weeks depending upon the size and type of air carrier. The training usually takes place at the airline’s flight training center.
Question: What subjects do trainees learn before they can become certified as a flight attendant?
Answer: Trainees learn emergency procedures such as evacuating an aircraft, operating emergency systems and equipment, fire fighting, medical emergency, surviving in the water, and security procedures. In addition, trainees are taught how to deal with disruptive passengers, hijacking, and terrorist situations. Trainees perform drills and other duties without assistance and under the watchful eye of the training staff, work in simulators, and go on practice flights.
Question: Is there any more training required during a flight attendant’s career?
Answer: Yes, flight attendants are required to go through periodic retraining and to pass an FAA safety examination to continue their jobs flying.
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