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Las Vegas

I love Las Vegas layovers! The weather, the shows, the gorgeous men! Yes!! One time on a long layover a couple of the other flight attendants and I went to the hotel New York New York for some fun. I wound up dancing on one of the cocktail tables in the bar area. Yippee! OK, OK, someone dared me.

The Naked Truth

Man, it was hot in the city that day! Unusually hot. The sun was beating down scorching the earth and burning the tarmac. We had landed at the airport in the desert city early that morning and you could already see the ripples of heat rising from the road as we drove from the airport to the hotel. We were dripping with perspiration, the entire 747 crew. The beads of sweat trickled down my throat and into the open top of my blouse. I was wet all over. I couldn’t cool off even in the shade. So when a boyfriend of one of the other flight attendants invited us – the cabin crew who were all women, and the cockpit crew who were all men – for a ride on his motorboat on a nearby lake, I jumped at the chance. We all did. It was the 5th day of a long 6-day trip and we were all looking to chill out. Most of us had spent each night of our layovers together checking out the scenery in small towns. Not much action to speak of, but it was pleasant. Sometimes the fellas from the cockpit crew tagged along in the evenings to join us for dinner, but not always. It was unusual for the cabin crew and cockpit crew to stay together for such a long trip. We had all gotten to know each other well over the past several days though. Now we were ready to cut loose. Big town, big action, more to do.

Soon, after about a 30-mile car ride from the city we’d be on a fast boat to fun. Couldn’t wait! I wore my bathing suit under my clothes and the other women did the same. At the scheduled time we piled into waiting cars at the hotel and off we went, music blasting from the radios. Everyone started talking at once about plans for the evening. We’d be leaving the next day for the final leg of our trip and we wanted to do as many things as we could later that night. Lights, dancing, stage shows, comedy acts, and bands – here we come! But that’s another story for another time.

The ride to the lake seemed to take forever. Anxious, I guess. We couldn’t wait to get on the boat. Finally, a few minutes later we were there. We jumped out of the cars and dashed towards the water, the women flinging off their shoes as they ran. The sand was hot! The captain and the first officer helped with the boat, and then one by one we climbed in and took a seat. The boat powered up making a loud roar as we turned and aimed towards the horizon. The boat suddenly lunged forward and took off. We sat there and enjoyed the blast of air as it slapped our faces while we sped along almost on top of the water. Yippee! We were the only boat out there and had the whole lake to ourselves. Some of the women had removed their shorts and top to sit in the sun in their suite, bikini really. We still felt pretty hot even though we were only wearing those narrow pieces of nylon. Sweat dripping from important places.

After awhile one of the flight attendants yelled above the noise of the engines that it was time to go swimming, so we headed back to the shore. As the shore became larger, the women peeled off their clothes to reveal their swimsuits, if they hadn’t done so already. When we arrived everyone jumped out of the boat. The women headed deeper into the water. I shouted back to the men to stay on the shore, they couldn’t come in the water because – surprise! – we were going skinny dipping. I think the men were stunned at first when I told them. They just stood there on the sand with their mouths open. I bet they thought they’d get a view of us from where they were, but alas, no such luck for them. The lake water was deep and dark and you couldn’t see anything below the surface even if you were right next to us. So, we ladies swam out into the water where the depth was over our heads and took off our suites. A couple of us waved to the fellas with our suites in our hands just for the heck of it. They didn’t budge from the shore. They never even stuck a toe into the water the whole time we were swimming in the lake. They just stood there and stared. OK, they smiled some too. Hmm, I thought…well-behaved gentlemen. What a treat. Anyway, after awhile we got tired of swimming, put our suites back on and headed towards the shore. The men had not moved a muscle the whole time we were swimming, until they greeted us as we stepped out of the water. That was it for the day at the lake. We needed to get back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. More fun to come later. I wondered, what would the night bring?