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Delete Meter

Welcome to our Delete Meter.  It’s important to know the reasons why we delete some posts and stories.  This site is about good, clean, fun.  Yes I know…you’re thinking…yawn…Boring.  Not at all.  It’s just that we want the focus of the site to be about interesting, more positive, stuff.  Insightful is good.  Silly is OK.  We’ll even take something a little rambunctious (hey! – where’s the dictionary?) all in good spirit.  No heavy duty, sad, negative drama of an unpleasant nature.  The following reasons will cause deletions:

  • Personal attacks of others, including airlines
  • Profanity (language even some sailors wouldn’t use) vulgarity, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, offensive, threatening, racially offensive, illegal material, or any material that infringes or violates another’s rights
  • Long embedded url strings (because it messes up the format of the site)
  • Multiple, duplicate posts (hitting “submit” more than once won’t make the comment or story appear any faster)
  • Way off-topic comments (examples of what we mean by REALLY off topic, think plagues of locust and frogs falling from the sky off topic)
  • Complaints (if it’s about the site, please send those directly to us through our “contact us” page)

Other than that, we’re good.